All About Old Woman Jenkins

Why did a retired Agony Aunt from a Metro Newspaper decide to start a YouTube Channel? Well, why not.

Once I decide to go this path, I released my first video telling all about my life. It was, I admit, a tad amateurish, including an incorrect year, should be April 2021. I was hoping to have posts from listeners that I could offer advice on. Unfortunately, this has not been the case yet, which is why I have now set up a web page. I haven’t received too may views or subscribers at present, but I am hoping to remedy this as I continue to add added content. Latest videos are being uploaded every few days, but I am aiming for to upload daily.

Since this first post, I have now visited the realms of Reddit, where I now offer my own take on posted relationship issues. I may not necessarily agree with the masses, but when I do, I include the perfect response.

Feel free to contact me and I will respond to your dilemma on YouTube.

Much Love
Old Woman Jenkins
Posted 28 April 2021

Martha Jenkins

Agony Aunt, Aussie Whinger and Superstar.


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